Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dr. Ali Ghalambor: The subsets of petroleum engineering

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Petroleum engineering has taken the world by storm. With the growing levels of industrialization in the planet, the demand for petrochemical resources has also soared high. Experts like Dr. Ali Ghalambor situate the petroleum industry on a sphere where it functions as the core of all industries—from food production and lumbering to vehicle engineering and space exploration.

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Petroleum engineering is an engineering discipline that specializes in the exploration and production of hydrocarbons, particularly crude oil and natural gas. Initially a very difficult industry to deal with, petroleum engineering has toned down its challenges through the improvements in computer modeling, the application of probability analysis, and the use of new technologies which has drastically improved the toolbox of the petroleum engineer in the recent decades. The field is generally divided into three types:

Reservoir engineering is concerned in optimizing the production of oil and gas via proper well placement and enhanced oil recovery techniques.

Drilling engineering, where Dr. Ali Ghalambor is most skilled at, is slated in managing the technical aspects of exploratory, production, and injection wells. Dr. Ghalambor is a recent recipient of a drilling award.

Production engineering is focused on the management of the interface between the reservoir and the well, including perforations, sand control, down-hole flow control, and equipment monitoring. Production engineers assess artificial lift methods and employ surface equipment that separates the crude products such as oil, natural gas, and water. Dr. Ghalambor is a recipient of a production and operations award.

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Dr. Ali Ghalambor has received various technical awards from the Society of Petroleum Engineers, and the American Petroleum Institute. To learn more about his professional background and industrial pursuits, visit his Facebook page.