Friday, September 28, 2012

Ali Ghalambor: Energizing the production of oil and gas field development wells

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Dr. Ali Ghalambor, who has served as a consultant to more than 50 petroleum production and service companies, finds that these companies can do so much more with additional information on how they can further energize the production of oil and gas in their field development wells.

There have actually been various changes in the activities related to the petroleum industry that have been implemented over the years. These activities have been made more and more efficient through advancements in research and technology. However, there is still an obvious need for improvements to keep up with the global demand, and lowering the cost.

Along with his colleagues Boyun Guo and Kai Sun, Dr. Ali Ghalambor has published the “Well Productivity Handbook,” Gulf Publishing Co. (ISBN: 1-933762-32-2), 334 pages and has done research on various topics pertaining to modeling oil and gas production wells. They have gone back to reviewing crucial engineering issues and have touched on topics such as petroleum fluid properties, wellbore flow performance, reservoir deliverability, and the productivity of intelligent well systems.

Ali Ghalambor. Image credit:

The data collected are a promising herald of more innovations to come as both seasoned engineers and students are able to understand and apply these to their own work, which will give rise to more improvements in best practices. Reservoir simulation is crucial to the design of effective systems that affect oil and gas field development well operations, and regularly updating modeling methods is seen as the key to energizing the rest of the activities that follow.

From: Ali Ghalambor

Dr. Ali Ghalambor is the recipient of various awards from the Society of Petroleum Engineers and the American Petroleum Institute. Learn more about his pursuits to contribute to the still-growing petroleum industry by visiting this Facebook page.

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