Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ali Ghalambor: The Natural Gas Engineering Handbook and its contribution to education toward efficient natural gas production

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Dr. Ali Ghalambor believes that with the world’s energy consumption rising exponentially and oil production becoming riskier, the shift to natural gas and other alternative energy sources are all but assured.

Natural gas is a cleaner fossil fuel, is plentiful, and is more useful than oil. But naturally, as with all fossil fuels, it still needs to be refined to be useful. The procurement and refining processes of natural gas are complex and are integral parts for the efficient production of natural gas. This is why high-quality natural gas engineering education for students and their continued education as full-fledged natural gas engineers or professionals are very important.

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Dr. Ali Ghalambor is an accomplished petroleum engineer and is a recipient of the Society of Petroleum Engineers Distinguished Achievement Award.

Dr. Ghalambor’s Natural Gas Engineering Handbook, now on its second edition, covers the full scope of natural gas engineering, from gas reservoir engineering to gas processing. It utilizes a computer-assisted approach, which other books on natural gas engineering do not have, and spreadsheets for every engineering calculation that is on the included CD-ROM. This book aims to provide both students and professionals worldwide up-to-date and relevant information in order to provide better insight into the intricacies of natural gas production.

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For more information on Dr. Ali Ghalambor and his work, follow this Twitter account.

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