Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Clean energy sources: Why natural gas is better than solar or wind energy

The US consumes more and more gas every year, and with the looming shortage of petroleum, using natural gas is considered the next logical step in US energy consumption.

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But why not consider using solar or wind power instead of natural gas?

Although solar and wind power technologies are cleaner than natural gas, have virtually limitless reserves, and use minimal water resource, these technologies are still too cost-prohibitive for mainstream use. The energy from these technologies is not enough to justify the huge cost to harnest and apply them. Solar and wind farms also require huge tracts of land for efficient energy generation.

Solar and wind power technologies are the future, but they are not the next logical step—natural gas is.

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Natural gas is the cleanest of all the fossil fuels, producing a lot less carbon dioxide than others. It is seen by many environmentalists as an extremely important energy source that reduces pollution for a cleaner and healthier environment. More than 90 percent of natural gas that is consumed by Americans is produced in the US and Canada, decreasing the US’ reliance on other countries for oil. Natural gas supplies in the US are very abundant, with two-thirds of US states thought to hold natural gas reserves, according to National Geographic. Moreover, unlike solar and wind power, natural gas is reliable, even without sunlight or strong winds.

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The US is continuing to find more sources of natural gas, and improving the ways to get it out of the ground and into the system.
Dr. Ali Ghalambor is an authority on natural gas engineering, and has written books about the subject. This Twitter page links to more information about his work and the industry.

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