Thursday, April 11, 2013

The issue on fuel purity

Just recently, New York heating oil businesses were put under the scrutiny of state and federal authorities for allegedly cheating tens of thousands of customers for many years by selling adulterated oil.

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The dirty facts: why adulterated fuel is harmful

On a narrow perspective, impure oil can greatly affect the efficiency of an engine it is used in. As notes, “these adulterated substances severely impact the functioning of engine leading to motor knocking” and “can damage the vehicle to an extent of complete engine seizure.” This eventually results to a great inconvenience on the consumer’s part, as the resulting damages greatly overshadow the measly amount paid for the impure fuel’s purchase.

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On a more universal standpoint, moreover, the use of adulterated fuel poses a grave environmental threat, as burning waste oil in furnaces would result to an unrestrained release of toxic pollutants into the atmosphere. It can also contribute to soot pollution, further resulting to hundreds of asthma-related hospital visits per year. This reason concerns public welfare, thus making the sale of adulterated fuel grave enough to be criminalized.

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