Sunday, June 16, 2013

Rethinking arguments against fracking

Environmentalists are clear about their opposition to fracking. It is better to ban the process entirely instead of treading into unknown territory only to end up with a mistake that could pollute other valuable resources.

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In some parts of the globe where oil supply is abundant, however, hydraulic fracturing is already widely accepted and the energy industry forges ahead without much opposition. The benefits of accepting the process with proper regulations are also becoming clearer with explorations of underground shale gas reserves underway. In using a proven method to harvest this resource, many countries have a chance at creating more jobs and increasing energy security.

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Still, it would take time before many countries can lift their moratoriums on fracking. More studies and examples would have to be presented to convince the majority that the process can be used without dire consequences for the environment.

Meanwhile, many nations are already looking at the US for models in regulating fracking. Many are worried about whether fracking can be done safely and about how such an outcome can be achieved. To answer these concerns, experts maintain that the way to reap the economic benefits of hydraulic fracturing and large-scale oil and gas production without adversely affecting the environment and the health of the people is through strict regulation which can be formulated through the cooperation of industry experts and environmental groups.

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Dr. Ali Ghalambor has previously served as the head consultant to more than 50 petroleum production and service companies. Stay abreast on the developments in the energy industry by following this Twitter page.

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