Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Removing government barriers in natural gas exports

It is widely known that the US has a huge amount of natural gas supply that can last for decades, maybe even centuries. And for many people, exporting this resource is a very good idea, especially now that the US is neck deep in debt. In addition, exporting natural gas to many countries can also create hundreds—maybe even thousands—of jobs, which can very well revitalize the ailing US job market. However, regulatory barriers in the government prevent this from happening.

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Currently, the US can only export natural gas to countries which it has a free-trade agreement with, and exporting to other countries requires the approval of the US Department of Energy which involves a rigorous and exhausting process and can result in delays.

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While the US is still indecisive about their natural gas export plans, other countries are capitalizing on it, with Canada spending billions of dollars to build a terminal that would allow it to export natural gas to countries like Japan. The longer the US delays its plans to export natural gas, the more time its competitors will have to entrench themselves in the potentially lucrative natural gas exportation industry.

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Removing governmental barriers to the exportation of natural gas can prevent that from happening.

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