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Ali Ghalambor: Well production testing

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Ali Ghalambor is known for his notable contributions in the oil and gas sector. Aside from working with prestigious universities and organizations, he has served international organizations including the United Nations.

While this article talks about Dr. Ghalambor, it also explores the purpose of testing in the clean-up and commission of the well preceding connection to the permanent production facility.

Over the years, there has been a dramatic change in the way well testing is viewed by the industry. This is due to the onset of computer-generated analyses and derivatives which comprise tools including well performance indicators and heavy-duty reservoir-characterization mechanisms.

Ali Ghalambor co-authored the Well Productivity Handbook.

Ali Ghalambor photo credit: theinnovationdiaries.com

Well testing is a complex and technical matter with regard to the assessment and exploitation of reservoir architectures and frontier assets. This is the reason why countless challenges ranging from ultra-deep wells to subsea subsalt developments confront the industry. Added to that is the rise of environmental issues that go up against well production and related processes.

Testing of production wells concerns in-line testing that measures oil, water, and/or gas contents from individual wells. Non-stop production measurements result to reduced costs, non-interference with normal production, and improvement in reservoir appreciation and knowledge. The need for accurate well test results is on the rise since crucial production decisions are based on them. Quality well tests also have implications on safety and accuracy to sustain the life of the well or reservoir.

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