Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ali Ghalambor: Frac pack stimulation in deepwater reservoirs

From Ali Ghalambor

Dr. Ali Ghalambor is a petroleum engineer specializing in areas that involve such complex processes as frac-packing and drilling.

Over the past few decades, deepwater reservoirs have become a major sector for the oil and gas industry. Although its importance has dwindled in recent years, the sector continues to be one of the leading growth areas in the fuel business.

From Ali Ghalambor

The cost to develop deepwater reservoirs today can be tremendously high with rig rates exceeding several millions of dollars. With recoverable reserves requiring efficient and reliable completion techniques, frac packing stimulation has become the most utilized process in accumulating huge quantities of high-quality hydrocarbons, delivering cost-effective production from high permeability wells.

 Dr. Ali Ghalambor is the author of the Frac-Packing Handbook, a comprehensive collection of system guidelines published by the Society of Petroleum Engineers. It covers the most fundamental to the most highly advanced issues in frac-packing operation.

Stimulation treatments are the most crucial components of a completion project because these processes largely enhance the connection between the wellbore and the reservoir, making the well financially viable. A completed frac pack treatment results in a highly conductive fracture that extends from the wellbore through the undamaged reservoir.

Oil well stimulation plays an essential role in production operations. With oil prices constantly breaking records, it is imperative from an oil company’s perspective and the consumer’s viewpoint that as much as possible, hydrocarbons are carefully extracted from the reservoir.  

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From Ali Ghalambor

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