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Ali Ghalambor: A look at the roles and responsibilities of petroleum and natural gas engineers

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Seasoned petroleum engineers, like Dr. Ali Ghalambor, are well aware that the process of making petroleum products available in large quantities to sustain the industrial economy and maintain the standard of living is considerably demanding. It is but fitting for petroleum engineers to be completely trained to face these challenges and carry out processes in ways that are friendly to the environment. They must also be versatile enough to be able to cover the different aspects of petroleum engineering. As complex as it is, petroleum engineering involves a diverse set of processes; the more reason to employ experts of different sorts like the following:

With over 32 years of experience in the oil and gas sector, Dr. Ali Ghalambor is the editor and a major author of “The Frac-Packing Handbook,” a comprehensive collection of materials discussing different issues on frac-pack completion operations.

• Drilling engineers. - Drilling engineers develop, plan, schedule, and supervise the operations involved in drilling oil and gas wells. From well designing and testing to completion and abandonment, drilling engineers are there to oversee the operations. They may be deployed on land, offshore platforms, or on mobile drilling units.

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• Production engineers - Also called process engineers, they are involved in an assortment of research and development responsibilities dealing with fabrication, evaluation, internal fixtures, and other processes.

• Reservoir engineer - Reservoir engineers commonly use technology and their expertise in geology and fluid mechanics to determine the location and amount of fuel in underground reservoirs. Additionally, they work with advanced equipment, such as computer modeling and imaging programs, to locate reserves of oil and natural gas.

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