Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Reviewing Ali Ghalambor's "Petroleum Production Engineering: A Computer-Assisted Approach"

In a time when almost every industry is seeing an unprecedented dynamism in keeping up with the fast-paced technological turnover, Ali Ghalambor makes sure that the petroleum engineering sector does not lag behind. To help the oil and gas industry cope with technological changes, Dr. Ghalambor, together with Dr. Buyon Guo and Dr. William Lyons, penned “Petroleum Production Engineering: A Computer-Assisted Approach.”

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Purposively written to educate aspiring petroleum engineers, “Petroleum Production Engineering: A Computer-Assisted Approach” provides useful guidelines in designing, analyzing, and optimizing petroleum production systems. The book encompasses the entire gamut of petroleum production and features technical calculations while leveraging on computer-based spreadsheet programs.

The book is broken down into four parts:

• Part one discusses the fundamentals of petroleum production engineering. It also presents empirical models for production decline analysis and gives a primer on the performance of oil and natural gas wells.

• In part two, Ali Ghalambor et al. talks about the different principles governing the design and selection of the main components of petroleum production system. This includes the following: well tubing, separation and dehydration systems, liquid pumps, gas compressors, and pipelines for oil and gas transportation.

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• Part three provides an introduction on artificial lift methods. These consist of sucker rod pumping systems, gas lift technology, electrical submersible pumps, and other artificial lift systems.

• Lastly, part four delineates all production enhancement techniques which are currently available. Examples are identifying well problems and designing acidizing jobs, and guidelines to hydraulic fracturing and job evaluation techniques and production optimization techniques.

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