Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Weighty issues on well productivity

Though always overshadowed by the economic and political side of the oil industry, the technical aspects that pertain to oil-drilling operations have its share of weighty issues that need to be brought, even once in a while, into the open. It boils down to one thing—well productivity.

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Throughout the many decades since the oil boom started to define a new global age of progress, well productivity always has a progressive form—different ages, different methods, different approaches, and different views. Well productivity only points to a single concept—improvement; others prefer the term “efficiency.” For the current crop of seasoned petroleum engineers like Ali Ghalambor, it must be a guarded and consistent form of efficiency. Gone are the days when cost-affectivity must only be the sole aim. When the price of oil, for example, dropped many years ago, productivity damage was deliberately ignored over the need to minimize production costs. Over the years, the instability of oil production and the skyrocketing price of oil in the market fortunately made well production and damage prevention an utmost priority.

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Amidst the glaring hues of issues and conflicts typical of a dynamic oil industry in the global stage, the weighty issues on well productivity lies on one certain need: keeping the steady supply of oil and gas resources throughout the world in safe and environmentally responsible manner. Any approach that veers away from that will just make things fall short.

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