Monday, May 13, 2013

Natural gas: Mother Earth's gift to society

Natural resources and fossil fuels, like natural gas, are a gift to mankind. The abundance of these fuels has resulted into today’s prosperous and modern society. The discovery of the ways to produce these fossil fuels has given the society a favor by elevating mankind from the abyss of stagnation, where people relied on primitive ways of living.

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Meanwhile, as the world hastens the road to progress, the use of technologies, like modern turbines, solar panels, and nuclear plants, is vital. With this progress comes the burning of fossil fuels, which is crucial in providing power to these technological advancements.

Thankfully, the introduction of hydraulic fracturing, combined with horizontal drilling, helps in this respect. This method produces natural gas from shale rock formations.

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Benefits of natural gas use in generating power

Because of the increased use of natural gas in the power generation sector, US has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions to 1994 levels.

Other good reasons for using natural gas include the impact it has on homes. With natural gas-powered appliances and amenities, a home will be a safe and comfortable environment to live in. Natural gas beats electricity on performance and cost. Being the cleanest source of energy from fossil fuels, natural gas promotes a green home without the harmful emissions to the air.

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Drs. Ali Ghalambor and Boyun Guo’s The Natural Gas Engineering Handbook offers a comprehensive discussion about natural gas production. More information on this topic can be accessed on this Twitter page.

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