Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Nobel Prize awardee Carlo Rubbia: Fulfilling the natural gas promise

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Natural gas experts laud the government’s move to use affordable and safe sources of energy. This includes Nobel prize winning physicist Carlo Rubbia, who says: “Of all the energy sources in play, natural gas offers the most immediate promise as a clean, abundant fuel that can meet society’s needs, including the need to mitigate global warming.”

To carry out this natural gas guarantee, Rubbia suggests two goals that society must achieve: the development of a technology that will burn natural gas without CO2 emissions and the conversion from using gasoline to methanol by the transportation industry.

With the eradication of CO2 emissions and the use of methane, there’s no reason to disregard natural gas’s purpose. And since natural gas offers a wide range of other benefits, the demand for this form of energy has elevated significantly.

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However, there are issues arising from Rubbia’s concepts. Among them is the emission of CO2 when natural gas is burned. To address this concern, the physicist says that these emissions can be reduced by “cracking” methane as what he is trying to do in his own laboratory.

With the help of private organizations that are committed to clean energy, natural gas can be integrated into human society with ease.

“It seems to me this will be a natural gas society,” Rubbia quips.

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