Sunday, September 22, 2013

A portable gas detector tracks and measures leaks boosting a fuel’s green qualities

Natural gas is known as the cleanest burning fossil fuel, and the least hazardous to the environment. It works best in regions where pollution undermines energy sources by improving the quality of air and water. It is also a factor in reducing the negative effects of climate change. However, The New York Times reports that its power to restrain climate change decreases because it’s prone to leak into the air.

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 Fortunately, Picarro, a manufacturer of scientific instruments, has built a gas detector designed to measure leaks. This laser technology is a crucial new tracking tool for engineers and scientists in energy research and monitoring..

This gas detection system is an advantage to the oil and gas sector as it can be used on public roads. Aside from that, the gas tracking measures gas leaks right away and prevents damage buildup.

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 How does natural gas leak in the atmosphere?

It breaks out into the air in two ways. One would be from natural sources, like marshes and swamps. Another source is manmade structures such as wells and pipelines.

With the deterioration of the environment, it is high time humans step up on greener initiatives. As Michael R. Woelk, President and chief executive of Picarro puts it:

“Natural gas is the new green energy, supposedly, but finding and fixing the leaks would make it greener.”

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