Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Livestock waste produces natural gas to power trucks and barns

How natural can natural gas be? Fair Oaks Farms, one of the largest dairy farms in the US, knows the extent. For several years now, a limitless supply of cow manure runs the farm’s equipment that milk 30,000 cows three times a day and power 10 barns, a cheese factory, a cafe, a gift shop, and other facilities, like a 4D movie theater.

Image Source: nrdc.org

Not only that, Fair Oaks Farms turns its excess livestock waste into natural fuel used by its delivery trucks and tractor trailers on a daily basis. Furthermore, the farm has opened two fueling stations, making cleaner and safer gas available for the public.

Considering that natural gas costs almost half the price of diesel, the farm’s move—of using agricultural waste to run machines—is a game changer not just for the dairy industry, but also for the whole natural gas sector. The farm saves two million gallons of diesel each year.

Image Source: hobbyfarms.com

“As long as we keep milking cows, we never run out of gas,” says Gary Corbett, chief executive of Fair Oaks.

Sustainable energy solutions and more commercially viable natural gas projects such as this are valid environmental responses to growing concerns about climate change and worsening pollution. Keeping up these sustainable practices will power technologies and industries of future generations.

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