Saturday, October 5, 2013

Natural gas: Strengthening local economies

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Experts of the oil and gas sector consider natural gas a key to not only help improve environmental conditions but also strengthen local economies by decreasing their dependence on imported oil and fueling job growth.

As in the case of Pennsylvania, natural gas is lifting the state’s rural areas from poverty. This article from Topix attests that companies, like Marcellus Shale, have provided significant economic contribution to the natural gas sector sustaining Pennsylvania’s economy even in difficult times. They have also helped revitalize rural fortunes and have put things in perspective.

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Over the years, the use of natural gas extracted from shale rock formations has been gaining recognition in the United States and in several other countries as well. Oil experts are looking into more possibilities of how they can put this sustainable energy source into good use. Many oil and gas companies, like Chevron, recognize that natural gas has become a popular source of alternative energy for many industries. The reason being is that it generates multiple benefits, including safety, affordability, and easy distribution. That is why Chevron has partnered with Marcellus Shale in developing more natural gas to benefit other local economies.

Nomac Drilling Corp.'s Matthew Brown (right) steadies a section of drill pipe as Richard Lane cleans it during operations in Bradford County, Pa.
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Drs. Ali Ghalambor and Boyun Guo’s book The Natural Gas Engineering Handbook is a great resource that discusses more about this matter. This Facebook page, meanwhile, contains more updates and other related topics on the natural gas and petroleum industry.

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