Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Boat-building industry booms as energy production increases

The energy boom is gradually spreading influence over several industries, and one of which is shipbuilding. The shipbuilding sector is enjoying a major growth which is considered as the biggest boost in decades. At present, it pitches in some $36 billion to the US economy.

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Fox News gathers that this development has not been observed since the 1970s. “The movement of more oil has built up a real commercial shipbuilding renaissance,” said Matthew Paxton, president of the Shipbuilders Council of America.

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Despite the struggling economy, this period of new growth and activity is taking place, thanks to the increase in the production of natural gas in the country. Fox News attests that the huge amounts of gas and oil extracted from shale, through hydraulic fracturing, have contributed to the country’s energy boost. Hence, industry experts have dubbed the country as “the Saudi Arabia of natural gas.”

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Natural gas is a promising alternative source of energy for industries, including the shipbuilding industry. More about the discussion of natural gas can be found on Dr. Ali Ghalambor and Dr. Boyun Guo’s highly acclaimed book, The Natural Gas Engineering Handbook. For more resources about the production of natural gas and sustainable energy sources, access this Facebook page.

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